Woman, I see you.

I know what it means to feel foreign to your own body, disconnected from your pleasure and desire.

To be clueless about your own period, not knowing how to navigate irregular cycles and painful menstruations.

To be lost in the tides of your hormones, with no idea on how to flow with them, no rhythm or balance.

To be dissasociated from your own sexuality, objectified for the sake of others and penetrated way before you are ready.

To be stuck in blocks and routine in the bedroom, not able to say what you really want and always playing small.

To grow up with no education, no rituals and no tools to love yourself and express your feminine wisdom.

To believe that being wild, free, loud, proud, fully self-expressed…

is not appropriate.

I have been there and it hurt.

It felt ugly, draining, unfair and exhausting.

Here is the good news:

You are not alone...

...and your way back home is just between your legs.

I want to invite you in a journey into the magic of womanhood, the rite of passage that you've always been longing for.

This is why I created Awaken the Woman in You™: a sacred initiation into feminine wisdom, pleasure and power.

Here you'll learn how to reclaim the muse inside of you, step into your highest potential and reconnect to your natural radiance and magnetism.

You'll receive all the tools you need to free your body, open your heart, balance your emotions, flow with your hormones, express your eroticism, expand your sexual energy and (why not?) reach extraordinary orgasms.

This online course will take you right there, through the 3 Pillars of the Sacred Feminine:

The 3 Pillars of the Sacred Feminine

1. Know Yourself

Understand the mechanics of feminine biochemistry, free yourself from conditioning, feel at home in your body and flow with your cycle wisdom (not against it).

We will dive in:

  • The Magic portal of the Yoniverse in all it's glory!
  • Mechanics of libido and the reasons why you lose your desire for sex and how to revive it
  • Release sexual programming, shame, guilt and old codings
  • Menstrual Cycle Wisdom: learn in depth all the phases of your cycle and integrate all the energetics, emotional needs, changes of libido and archetypes involved
  • Feminine Energy Manifestation
  • Sacred self-exploration
  • Special transmission for Menopausal Women


2. Nurture Yourself

Heal your body with timeless holistic secrets, discover natural remedies to common feminine issues, increase your energy and unleash your vitality.

We will dive in:

  • Super Woman Health and Nutrition with timeless secrets from updated Keto Diet Principles
  • Natural Birth-Control Methods and everything they never told you about hormonal birth control
  • Menstrual Care for an empowered period
  • The ancient secret of the Yoni Steaming, an amazing self-care practice for the feminine reproductive well-being
  • The ancient Ovarian Breathing technique for health, vitality and longevity from the Nei Qi Gong lineage
  • Womb Healing Transmissions to release old wounds and reclaim the sacred space of the womb as YOURS.


3. Love Yourself

Train with tools and practices to reclaim your pleasure, reconnect to your magnetism, step into your highest potential and impact the world.

We will dive in:

  • Juicy Breast Massage techniques to activate Taoist meridians and open the infinite layers of the heart.
  • The ancient Yoni Egg practice to awaken the Goddess that lies within and heal your sexuality
  • Yoni Wand techniques for Vaginal Dearmouring to clear internal pain and open to new levels of pleasure!
  • Erotic Awakening Transmissions for living aroused states even outside of the bedroom
  • Reframe Orgasm Codings
  • Self-pleasure Artistry to come to deep body love


What you get:

  • 27+ Video Training Modules
  • 13 Video Practices
  • Guided Meditations
  • Guided audio practices
  • Healing Prompts to release and rewrite your Her-story
  • 30-page Holistic Remedies guide to common sexual issues
  • 19-page Guide to herbs and plants for your Yoni Steaming
  • Access to Juicy Bonus materials now and future updates
  • Lifetime access, unlimited replay, unlimited value
  • Exclusive Facebook Group and endless support
  • Everything delivered to you as soon as you sign up!

What they say...

"HEY JAS THANK YOU SO MUCH for our session last thursday! I still feel the wild energy running through me. Being together in this potent space reminded me of something so essential and I've felt a lot of peace within me. No where to go, no one to be, just opening to life, over and over again. PLUS!! I began bleeding on Friday afternoon and this has been one of the most pain-free and easy bleeds of my 20 years of bleeding! I've allowed myself the space and deep rest that I've always desired. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" - Nura


Thank you for the work you do and the knowledge you share. I'm 22 and based in Australia and this year has deeply shaken me open, and from following your membership and instagram I have developed so many behaviours, rituals and love for my body and my soul, and without this guidance I know that It may have been a much more slow process. Thank you for everything sister <3 - Rachel

"Jasmine Alicia Carter! I absolutely relish in listening to your podcast. i have listened to almost every episode in the past few days. It is an absolute wealth of beautiful sacred knowledge juxtaposing tangible, practical information. Your voice is so soothingly beautiful for my ears to listen to. I have even enjoyed hearing the italian episodes, though i don't fully understand the language myself. I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for making such a wonderful experience. I will be definitely be joining your membership! So much love!" - Natasha


"Thank you for sharing your light and wisdom! What you are giving us here is indeed very valuable and definitely cheap financially. I've spent at least 1K£ per year for the last 4 years in learning what you are teaching us here and there are still some parts here that are completely new to me. I am looking forward to receiving more from you and even looking at investing more in future should it change!" - Elise


"I have been feeling amazing all day since my breast massage this morning. It's the first time I tried and it felt so damn liberating!!!" - Elena

"HI! WOW! I had no idea what I was diving into but my gosh what a magical beautiful space full of such hope for trauma survivors, all womben in their beauty and full raw essence! Thank you so much!" - Martha



Is there an age limit to this course?

You are more than welcome to participate in this course from when you have your first bleed up to your elderly age. However if you are less than 18 years old you will need approval from your parents.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, I offer no refunds. However if you want to chat to make sure ATWIY is all the way perfect for yousend me an email at info@sacress.com and we can make sure you are a 100% yes.

Do I need a crystal dildo?

To make the most out of this course you will need both a Yoni Egg and a Yoni Wand. You can purchase high quality Yoni Eggs and Wands from my shop Sacress on Etsy. When you enroll in the course you will receive a generous discount code for all items of my shop :)

Do you offer payment plans?

I will offer payment plans under certain criteria. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and we will discuss :) I do not offer scholarships.

Can this course heal my PCOS or Endometriosis?

Although I am not a doctor, naturopath or nutritionist and this course does not promise anything, this course is designed to help you in the journey of healing PCOS or Endometriosis as we are targeting from different angles what could be the root cause. From working with women all over the world as well as with myself, I have witnessed so much transformation and healing also with these sorts of issues.

I don't have a partner, is this course for me?

100% yes! It is absolutely fundamental to have a deep relationship with ourselves and our sexuality on a regular basis. You will be making love to your own body, and you might even call in an aligned relationship by being in this process.

I suffer from pelvic floor hypertension, is this course good for me?

Yes! I will teach you how to de-armour and release the tension in your pelvic floor with a Yoni Wand.

I don't have any sexual desire, can it help me?

Indeed yes. This course is all about awakening your sexual energy to feel more vibrant, alive and radiant in your life :) It will make you a better person, a better lover, a better mother, a better friend.

I'm pregnant, can I do this course?

I won't be addressing pregnancy directly in this course, however, you will find some teachings and practices that you can do while you are pregnant. Either way all the knowledge you will gather from this course will benefit you tremendously after given birth when your period comes back in and when you will be sexually active.

I suffer from chronic yeast infections, can this course help me?

Absolutely yes. You will have practical home-made remedies to clear the symptoms, plus, we will be working on the root cause of these diseases. After working with the Jade Egg and healing my relationship with my femininity I never ever had any yeast infections come back!

Will I be offered support in this course?

By joining in you will have access the the Facebook group where you can ask your questions and receive support from me and other amazing sisters in the journey with us!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does life-time access feel? ;-)


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Hello beautiful, I’m Jasmine.

Let's Connect! @Jasminealiciacarter

I'm a Menstrual Artist & Feminine Empowerment Mentor.

Started as a healing and self-discovering journey, now I empower and educate thousands of women all over the world to reclaim their true feminine nature, nurture their menstrual cycles and heal their sexuality.

My favourite way to express the feminine wisdom is drawing with period blood, a sacred art that changed my life in 2016 and that I'm spreading across the globe through the Menstrual Art Movement.

I also own the Sacress Shop: a boutique were I offer luxurious tools for juicy empowerment!

Videos of my work have gone viral and I have been featured on major online news platforms like NowThis and News.com.